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“Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine”


Chef Salomon Montezinos

I’m Chef Sal, and I am here to help you.

Welcome to my website…Evolve with, and the introduction of my book, “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine”. (You may find my book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an e-book, and very few Hard Cover Editions.) The mere fact that you have clicked in here indicates to me that you have some knowledge or interest in vegetarian, vegan, raw and/or alkaline diets, and wish to explore one or more of those food regimens.

Perhaps you are seeking to lose weight, achieve a feeling of great physical fulfillment, help get through an illness, or put the aging process on the back burner, I can help. I am 76 years of age, and Ive never felt more physically fit or healthy.

Several years ago I adopted a raw alkaline diet for the nutritional benefits that each of those diets bring individually, and combined them. I rely on the standard 80-20% rule that Dr. Robert Young suggests in his book, “The pH Miracle”; that is, 80% alkaline foods, 20% acid foods. There is no voodoo associated with an alkaline diet, and eating Healthy is one way to help your Anti-Aging process.

After deciding to undertake this way of eating, I discovered that there were not any recipes that were particularly tasty to me. So, I took my 55-plus years as a gourmet chef/restaurateur, and developed my own.

I gathered up those recipes and wrote a book, “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine”. There are a number of books on the market that are for either raw or alkaline diets. Mine combines both, filled 126 recipes.

Please have a look around the site and come back often. I will bring you a variety of videos, articles, helpful hints, recipes, etc. that will hopefully bring you to a fit, healthy, gratified lifestyle.

Healthy Bon Appetit!

Chef Sal

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One of a Kind! Delicious Raw Alkaline Recipes. There is no other book that combines both raw and alkaline diet regimens. Chef Salomon Montezinos shares 126 of his raw alkaline recipes in “Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine”. Recipes include dishes for Appetizers, Entrees, Beverages, Desserts, Dips, Dressings, Salads, Sauces, Snacks and Soups. An Amsterdam-born, award winning chef/restaurateur, Chef Sal has brought his 50-plus years of culinary expertise along with his experience in developing gourmet meals for his four renowned restaurants to the raw, vegan table, using alkaline-based foods, prepared with a delicious flair. Chef Sal also shares his philosophy of staying energized and keeping young through a lifestyle of healthy living through exercise, diet and a positive outlook