A Taste of Restaurant Testimonials


“Montezinos is a perfectionist and a visionary, with the energy and imagination of a dozen royal chefs.”

… Bon Appétit Magazine

“Salomon Montezinos turns out French dishes of extraordinary quality.”

… Gourmet Magazine

“Unlike anything youve experienced before except in a dream.”

… Fine Dining Magazine

“Only an artist like Montezinos could conduct the astounding variety of flavors into a harmonious symphony of tastes.”

… Good Life Magazine

“The finest restaurant in the world.”

… Director-Gastronome Francis Ford Coppola

“Referring to Montezinos simply as a chef, even a master chef, is like saying Mozart was just a guy who wrote music.”

… XS Magazine

“You are a blooming genius, sir.”

… Zack Hanle, New York Editor, Bon Appétit Magazine

“No one in the South is doing better seafood than Montezinos.”

… Esquire Magazine

“In many ways, Montezinos in Palm Beach represents the epitome of fine restaurant dining.”

… Master Chef Magazine

“One of the hottest new restaurants in America. Montezinos was one of the first in this country to combine Eastern and Western flavors, and he is a master of the genre.”

… Esquire Magazine