About Chef Salomon Montezinos

After years of primarily preparing and consuming dishes with the requisite butter, sugar, flour and cream favored by most gourmet culinarians, Chef Sal discovered a whole different way of cooking and eating. The results have been amazing.At 76, he looks and functions as well, if not better, than many people half his age and younger.  He runs, bikes, swims and makes time for weight training. People are constantly asking him what he does to stay so fit and young.  His secret?  “Certain foods can keep you young. Ive learned that what you eat can make you look and feel 20-30 years younger.”

Born in Amsterdam in 1938, and hidden on a farm in Nazi-occupied Holland as a child, Chef Sal set his sights on a life that involved working with food and the hospitality industry.  He studied initially in Holland, Switzerland and France. He honed his skills working for top European cruise-lines and in such renowned restaurants and hotels as Switzerlands St. Moritz Palace Restaurant, Lausannes Beau Rivage, Berns Palace Hotel, and the Hotel Gutsch in Lucerne. Although he spent much of his early career in France, Holland and Switzerland, Chef Sal also traveled extensively in Spain, Israel, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Arriving in the United States in 1970, Chef Sal wasted little time before being recognized for doing what he did best. Early on, his Déjà vu Restaurant (Philadelphia) was named one of the USAs finest French restaurants by Bon Appétit Magazine. As widely and profoundly acclaimed as was Déjà Vu, the late 1980s saw Chef Sals two Montezinos Restaurants (in both Orlando and Palm Beach, Florida) equally lauded. His third restaurant, Angelique in Boca Raton was promptly proclaimed one of the best restaurants in America by Esquire Magazine. Presently, Chef Sal has taken all of those years of experience and is concentrating on his two loves-delicious food and healthy livingbringing his culinary focus to raw, organic, alkaline-based cuisine. Chef Sal continues to be at the top of his profession as a culinary consultant, private chef and instructor.